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Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Not every car accident requires a car accident lawyer. Which accidents and situations require a car accident lawyer?

Serious Injury or Death

If there is a serious injury attributed to the car accident, you need a car accident attorney whether you are the driver, the injured person or the one held at fault. If someone says they may be paralyzed or lost the ability to work as a result of the accident, you must have legal assistance immediately. You always need a legal consultation after someone dies in a car crash and you were involved in any way.

Multiple Parties Involved

You should consult with a car accident attorney is several people were involved in a crash. Were you rear ended and forced into the back of the car in front of you? Did someone else cut you off, you slammed on your breaks and were hit by a third party? Did someone hit a car and push it into you? You need to consult with legal counsel to help work out who is at fault and what costs you are obligated to pay.
The car accident doesn’t have to involve two or more cars to have two or more parties involved. If you stopped to avoid hitting a jaywalker and were hit by someone else, if your car was surrounded by a crowd and damaged during a riot or political event, you need to talk to an attorney.

Confusion as To Fault

You need a car accident attorney if there is uncertainly in fault. Did the fasteners on a truck come loose and spill a load onto the road, creating a hazard you couldn’t avoid? Now do you sue the truck driver, the trucking company or the company that loaded the vehicle? Do you have a car subject to a recall and were injured in an accident because it failed to work properly at a crucial moment or in the right way? This isn’t theoretical, since millions of cars were involved in the Takata air bag recall. Do you sue the dealership, the car manufacturer or someone else when these accidents occur?

Uninsured Parties

You need to contact a car accident attorney if one or more people in the accident are uninsured. Some auto insurance policies cover the damages through uninsured motorist coverage, but this is rarely enough to cover the full repair costs, much less medical and other expenses you may incur. A car accident attorney can help you get reimbursement for your accident related costs while the police file criminal charges against them for failing to have insurance.

Settlement Talks

Insurance companies or responsible parties may offer you a settlement to avoid going to trial. You need to contact an attorney, because this is a legal proceeding, even if it occurs before trial or in place of going to court. After all, you are giving up your ability to sue and may be signing away other rights in exchange for the settlement money.


Insurance companies sometimes arrange arbitration instead of sending a case to court. This is a legal action, so have a good car accident attorney start working with you as soon as you’re requested to attend arbitration.

Accidents are far too common. 2 in 5 accident victims suffer injuries of some kind. Many of the victims are forced to live with these injuries for the rest of their lives. Getting the compensation you deserve is your right, said Philadelphia Car Accident attorney Jeff Killino of Killino Firm. For more information on how you can rightfully claim the compensation you deserve, checkout their website: 

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