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Are You Making These 4 Washing Machine Troubleshooting Mistakes?

The cost for washer maintenance and repair is nothing short of ridiculous. Repair is so expensive that many washer owners just try to fix the problem on their own. While some washer problems are quite easy to solve, others might need the expertise of professional repair people.

Many owners also inadvertently damage their machines causing an even worse breakage problem. It might increase the cost of repair. If you are trying to fix your washer, you should avoid the following troubleshooting mistakes:

1. Tilting or laying it on its back

Laundry appliances have to be fixed in an upright position all the time Washer Repair Los Angeles. Unless it is completely new, you should never lay it on its back. Excess water inside the machine can actually leak to the motor and circuit area. This will cause short circuit inside the machine which will then completely render it useless.

When transporting it, you should also keep it in an upright position. Do not tilt it as well. You can try removing the water hose found at the back part of the machine to remove some of the excess water. Make sure you have a towel nearby to catch excess water.

2. Pulling it forward

Pulling the washer forward, away from the wall can actually jolt the fragile parts inside the machine. This is true especially if you have rough floor surface. You should consider the fact that the machine has fragile parts and that you have to fix it with utmost care.

Instead of roughly pulling it forward, try to “walk” it forward instead. You can lift one side of the machine and carefully move it forward. Do the same with the other side until you have moved it away from the wall.

3. Fixing the machine right after using it

Unplugging the washer does not put you in a completely safe place. Some washers tend to run electricity a few minutes after they have been unplugged. According to researches, a lot of people have suffered electric shocks and electrocution because they have fixed their washers right after using them.

Unplug your washer and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. Wipe away excess moisture on the floor, inside the machine and on the exterior of the machine. You might also want to wear gloves to protect your hands and to reduce the conduction of electricity.

4. Fixing the circuit part of the machine

Code errors are usually caused by circuit problems. More often than not, they have to be tended by professional repair people. Do not even attempt to do this if you are not well-versed with circuit problems.

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