How can an auto accident attorney help you after an accident?

Help With Your Claim

A car accident lawyer can help you collect and organize the evidence necessary to prove liability for the accident. If you choose, an auto accident attorney can handle records requests and communications with the other drivers’ insurer so that you can focus on recovering from the accident or focusing on medical bills. The attorney won’t just look at the pictures of the accident but can return to the scene of the accident for you to take pictures of the road when in use, if relevant to your case, and take witness statements regarding the accident or the history of incidents in that location.

Car accident lawyers can negotiate with lien holders on your auto accident claim to reduce those amounts, such as workers’ compensation insurers or the health insurance company. They will also gather all of the evidence needed for proving damages, including but not limited to medical costs and car repairs. Car accident lawyers can also work with mechanics to prevent a mechanic’s lien preventing disposal of a totaled car or sale of a vehicle you don’t want anymore. Personal injury lawyers work with the following cases:

  • Car accidents
  • Wrongful Deaths
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Child Injuries
  • Birth Injuries

Car accident attorneys have the expertise to document costs that you may not otherwise be able to include in your claim such as lost wages, extra costs incurred due to loss of your vehicle and pain and suffering.


Your auto insurance policy may call for arbitration instead of going to court for certain types of accidents. Don’t let the terminology fool you – this is a legally binding settlement of the claim, and you need legal assistance when entering arbitration. This is true even if you have a basic understanding of how court cases go, since arbitration follows different though similar rules. If you’ve been called in for arbitration, you need to call a car accident lawyer.

Understanding Your Coverage

There are jokes that legalese is its own language. Car insurance policies read more like legal reference books than standard documents. If you don’t understand your auto insurance coverage, such as when arbitration is required or what happens if you accept a financial settlement, consult with a car accident lawyer. Details like the time frame you have to file a claim, the rules regarding legally admissible witness statements and insurance policies that could be filed against instead of or in addition to the auto insurance could be critical to receiving reimbursement.

For example, there may be times when your home owner insurance policy or the other person’s umbrella insurance policy would apply, such as when the vehicle is sitting in their driveway when damaged. Sometimes your credit card payment for a rental car provides partial insurance coverage for the vehicle when damaged.

Criminal Allegations

Have you been charged with drunk driving or driving under the influence when the real cause is due to diabetes or another medical condition? Could use of your inhaler caused the police to charge you with drunk driving? Did you fail the field sobriety test because you have bad balance due to a documented medical condition? You need legal experts to fight these criminal charges.

Criminal charges and allegations can arise from simple misunderstandings. Did you verbally verify that everyone was OK and leave the scene thinking it was fine, before the police decided you left the scene of the accident? Is the insurer accusing you of being part of a car accident scam because of data from the car’s black box? Did you give a brief account of the accident to the insurer when interviewed and they want to deny your coverage or invalidate your policy because you didn’t include embarrassing details? You need to talk to a lawyer with experience in car accident claims to prevent the worst case scenario.