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How to Choose the Perfect Clothes Dryer

Do you remember the children’s nursery rhyme that said, “This is the way we wash our clothes, wash our clothes, so early in the morning”? When that little ditty was penned, doing laundry was an all-day activity that began with first making the soap and finished with hanging the clothes on the line – oftentimes by the fire at night – to dry.

Today, doing the laundry is much easier. Rather than being an all-day activity with multiple steps, we have narrowed down the steps to sorting the lights, darks and the red items, doing the assorted loads, then throwing the clothes in the dryer (or in some cases hanging them on the clothesline). However, with all the many advances in doing laundry, the steps are easier, but there is more to consider when it comes to selecting a dryer that is perfect for your needs lg lg dryer repair pasadena.

So, if you are in the market for a new dryer, there are several questions and concerns that you should address. These questions include the following:

How often do you do laundry and what do you use your dryer for? If you frequently do jobs like drying sneakers, heavy jeans/corduroy, or work clothes then you will want a heavy-duty dryer that offers a long-term warranty.
What features are “must haves”? Do you need a large capacity dryer, one that has a low heat cycle or perhaps a damp dry cycle that is great for taking the clothes out and then ironing? Make a list of the features you need before you go shopping so you will be sure to get the dryer that is perfect for your needs.
Do you want the lint tray at the top of the machine or in front of the dryer door? This needs to be considered, as one of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your dryer-as well as reduce the risk of becoming the victim of a dryer fire-is to clean the lint ray every time you do laundry. Be sure that the tray is easily accessed!
Where will you be installing the dryer? If your dryer is near a bedroom, consider a dryer that has a sound reduction or an adjustable end-of-cycle signal volume. If the dryer will be in a basement, take some time to look at a dyer that has indicator lights, as this will make it easier to tell you at what stage your laundry is.
Are you a multi-tasker? There are many styles of dryers that are designed with moisture sensors, and tumblers that will actually turn off when your clothes are finished reducing wear and tear on the items.
As part of your shopping, be sure that you read the warranty information closely. Your warranty should include a one-year parts and labor but can often be upgraded to an extended warranty-which can be well worth the cost as a maintenance visit can make quite the dent in your household budget.

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