Washing Machines For All!

A washer dryer combination will accommodate anyone that has space issues where they live or who is just looking to save energy. If you are in the market for one of these combination machines, be certain to check out Consumer Guide before you make your purchase. They have put together a system for rating all washing machines and all dryers. They actually have experts who examine the models, review them and then rate them according to their features, value, ease of use and performance. They then rate each product from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest recommendation. Consumer Guide also awards a Best Buy (strongly recommended by their experts) and a Budget Buy (a quality product available at an inexpensive price).

The Frigidaire Stacked washer dryer combination is an example of a best buy maytag dryer repair los angeles. It is available with either an electrical or a gas dryer, it is energy efficient and it will save you money in operation over the lifetime of the machine. This model offers a hard-to-find warm rinse and gives you four wash/rinse temperatures instead of the normal three. The dryer has a very durable stainless steel drum and even comes with a wrinkle protection option. The company offers a full one year warranty, five years on the motor and other select parts and twenty-five years on the wash basket.

The Asko Non-Ventilated WCAM1812 is another example of a best buy. If you live in an urban area and have the tiniest of spaces but still want the convenience of doing your laundry in your own home, this model is for you. It offers three spin speeds, four rinses, a pre-soak mode and a wrinkle resistant drying cycle. You may be able to find a cheaper model than this one (approximately fifteen hundred dollars) but you will find few that are built as solid. The company offers a full three year warranty, five years on timers, controls, the motor and the pump and a lifetime warranty on the drum.

The Ariston AWD121 washer dryer combination is an example of a budget buy. It offers more features than you might expect for the price; for example it has an extra rinse, a pre-wash cycle, a delay cycle and maximum spin speeds of up to 1200 rpm. This dryer offers a two year full warranty, a five year electronic parts warranty and a lifetime rust warranty. The General Electric Stacked washer dryer combination is another good example of a budget buy. It has a larger than average washing capacity and while it offers pretty basic features of one spin speed, three wash temperatures and three dryer settings, it has a long track record of being reliable and if anything were to go wrong, it is easy to repair. They offer a one year warranty.

No matter what features you are looking for in a washer dryer combination it is always wise to check around online and do some feature comparisons as well as price comparisons. You are sure to find one that will fit all your needs at a price you are willing to pay!

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