When do you need a wrongful death lawyer?

A wrongful death suit can be filed when someone dies due to careless conduct, negligence, use of a defective product, negligent conduct or an intentional act.

When should you consider hiring a wrongful death lawyer?

  • When a family member died in a car accident, whether or not the other person was under the influence
  • When someone dies as a result of negligence like medical malpractice, whether failure to make the correct diagnosis or treating the known condition incorrectly
  • When someone died using a defective product, whether it is a car with a known defect or taking a drug that wasn’t properly screened for dangerous side effects
  • When someone dies as a result of an assault

Note that civil suits for wrongful death can be filed even if murder and manslaughter were ruled out by criminal prosecutors. Civil suits can also be filed in addition to criminal charges against the assailant.

  • When someone dies weeks or months after an accident and the death is directly or indirectly related to the accident
  • When your baby was stillborn due to a doctor’s negligence
  • If your infant died due to a complicated delivery when an emergency C-section was recommended
  • When your family member was killed by dogs allowed to run around freely outside
  • When safety measures at work failed and your family member is thus killed on the job
  • If the designer or builder of a roadway is to blame, and there is proof of such like repeated similar accidents in that same location
  • When someone was injured in an accident, abandoned and died because they didn’t receive medical care in time
  • When the owner of a premises didn’t put proper safety measures in place, such as indicate that an elevator was out of service and the doors opened, or safety rails were lacking or failed, allowing someone to fall to their death
  • When someone is killed by a police officer who had a history of excessive force against others
  • When a family member dies due to denial of proper medical care, whether because a daycare didn’t give the child an inhaler or the police didn’t give someone their medication or the nursing home didn’t notice that someone needed their insulin
  • If an adolescent was hazed, bullied or drugged before dying, even if those involved didn’t intend to kill the person
  • If a family member with psychiatric problems sought help, failed to receive it, and committed suicide

This is by no means an all-inclusive list. It is best to consult with a wrongful death lawyer any time someone dies and the blame is not solely due to the deceased or the death is from natural causes.